Women Empowerment in Pirated Feminism

Some past years have been enormous for women empowerment. This era appears to be the gateway to the freedom of women who have been fighting for their rights actively more than ever. This journey of fighting females is not that easy as it seems.

Many writers and social activists have been praised as well as criticized by many but the journey continues anyway. The weaker genders however keep passing through the patriarchal loophole in the hope of some light at the end of the tunnel.

However we can’t always expect light at the other end, especially when we are misguided or if we take things for granted.

In today’s generation, feminism is the department where empowering women is taught by most of the feminists and which has many examples to inspire a woman who has faced many difficulties in life. Without a second thought that’s a great start indeed. But some people take this in a very wrong manner, well… haters gonna hate right?

But before we criticize or praise these forward movement about uplifting women power and reducing traditional gender roles, shouldn’t we look for the right term to protect it?

Or should I say, let’s know better about what exactly we are fighting for and if we are doing it the right way at all.

Another term what we fight for is equality and we should know what we exactly mean to be equal before we or anyone misjudge any thoughts or even words related to this. And in all these scenarios, we never should neglect anyone’s rights whether it is women or men. Because when we do that not only we fight for demeaning men’s right but also, we embarrass true feminism which we sometimes seem to lose in the frame of extremism by the name of it.

Let’s dig deeper into the whole scenario and how we are manipulated by both men and women extremists and bloodsucking business dealers.

Women Empowerment vs Feminism: Clear out the Misconceptions

Women are becoming more educated and they are being successful in different sectors like business, politics, civil service and so on. And this success they have achieved through lots of hardships from their early life.

Obviously not every woman gets to do that but how come they pass those mountains-like barriers of society which has one angle that directs to the male domination?

No matter how much we scream about empowering women these days, most people don’t even know what exactly they do mean. Some people think it means letting women dominate over men whether it politically or financially, some think it encourages women roaming around being nude or disobeying any kind of morals or values that violets a men’s rights!

The problem is both these two terms – women empowerment and feminism defend each other but it is seen that, both words have different influence in the society.

These two terms can be defined in many ways but mostly is all about allowing women to give their decisions in many important issues and the implication of those in her life where they should have the right to do that. Not manipulating their decisions through one’s viewpoint.

On the other hand, feminism supports these decisions and believes that every woman should have these rights. In short, it is a movement that allows them to achieve equality between both sexes in different fields like social, political, economic and personal goals and the feminine person who agrees with this movement is called feminist.

Huh! Doesn’t sound that negative, does it?

If not then why do these almost same words have different influences on people? Is it just because men rule this society or feminists have different viewpoint towards feminism?

Some Examples

We often see people saying never marry a feminist but at the same time they support strong women who are successful in their career.

But we should know that every woman who has works in different fields and have powerful positions, are feminist in their own ways, even if they claim it or not.

We don’t have to take this term that negatively as we claim it to be.

There are plenty of men now these days who are very supportive of their wives, daughters and other female members focused on their career but at certain times these same men start talking about avoiding feminists or feminism in general!

The reason behind this is, though we women are being more active than ever outside of our house, it is still new to some people, especially men.

We cannot expect to see some changes overnight; everything needs time to thrive as well as this movement. It is hard for men, more specifically sexist men to accept that women will sit just beside his chair not only in a wedding reception or a romantic restaurant but also in office or in court with a power in their hands.

Men have been always scared of losing control over women and sometimes the same goes for women too.

But at present, women have been dealing with power struggles and in many ways they have succeeded. But we all know that success can’t be handled by everyone and that’s what happened with some women here.

Well there is lots of sexist and extremist men right?

And there are plenty of sexists and extremists women as well who are polluting pure feminism by abusing their freedom of rights and embarrassing feminists results in hating feminists by men as well as by some women indeed.

For example, the word “equality” is often misjudged by both men and women. Some men define it as females wanting to be masculine which women can’t afford to have and some women define it as the ability of being pregnant makes them superior which men can’t afford as well.

So, no gender wins and they think the issue equality between men and women is somewhat ridiculous.

Well… in this case they should use some common sense.

It’s not about being equal physically or materialistically, it’s about having equal rights and positions which gives security to both gender’s existence. It’s about not feeling less than the other, not feeling weaker than the opposite sex just because someone has muscles or someone can give birth of a child.

The Real Scenarios – Think Once Again

women empowerment
Women Empowerment

The misconceptions between women empowerment vs feminism often lead to negative thoughts and creates disharmony between both genders. And that is when the business dealers get the advantage to have some extra penny in their pockets. This includes lawyers, doctors and many more who mislead women and men both in various ways.

Shiny notepads, shampoo, glowing face cream, breast implants and plastic surgery- all have been encouraged by extremists and manipulators to broaden their business to the maximum.

Being feminists doesn’t mean one has to support going against natural beauty to that extent. Of course beautification is not something bad but to go through a whole process of cutting and changing your skin is not something one should be proud of.

It simply means one is rejected the real self and not standing up for her own self, not fighting her own demons. This is completely against feminist thoughts and can’t be supported by a true feminist.

On the other hand, the issue of abortion has been touchy as well as such cases like marital rape. We often see some women violating some laws and some men on the other hand, go against these laws with some wrong explanations.

So we should think before we act. Every words and every step should be taken with much needed common sense or this can lead us women in the wrong way resulting in digging our own graves.

Some biggest lies about feminism like- feminists hate men, feminists are always angry, feminists don’t want to get married and have kids, men can’t be feminists and last but not the least- one can’t be feminine and feminists at the same time.

These are so fake that a true feminist would not even want to hear these. A true feminist always stands up for herself, for other women and also for the men and every human being who are ignored and overlooked when it comes to their rights.

Feminism doesn’t insult men, they support men who has his own dignity and who respects a woman for who she really is without judging her. She adores him when he treats her like a human being rather than as a weaker gender.

That’s only can be found in movies, right? No dear it is not. It is not because some of the people still out there who understand the actual meaning of feminism and women empowerment and try to apply in their lives. If we all try to understand the real facts we can decrease misconceptions around these two terms.  

The Possible Solution

After reading all these, you may now come to know that’s how today’s feminism are pirated with such vague proclamations. These false conceptions are increasing the tendency of being extremists among both genders.

If this goes on, the movement of empowering women would a great failure in the long run which going to cost big the female future generations.

So it’s better we practice the true feminism or at least we use the right terms and words at least to calm down the people and trying to convince them that it is not what they actually think.

If empowering women sounds better, why don’t we use this word instead of feminism? Maybe the day would come when every sincere man and women would be offended by hearing such words like, “I’m not a feminist”, because if you are not that means you don’t stand your ground and ignore your rights and your inner self to be flourished.

Because when you don’t do that, none going to stand up for you and men gets control over you to use for his own good, ignoring your happiness. Maya Angelou said this in a very straight forward way,

“I’m a feminist. I’ve been a female for a long time now. It’d be stupid not to be on my own side.”

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