Dive into The Mirror: Self-Awareness is the Greatest Medicine

Sometimes we don’t even recognize that we are ignoring ourselves to maintain a certain status and that’s the reason we feel lonely even in the crowd.

In psychology, self-awareness is somewhat a knowledge of one’s ability, thinking process, mental stability, behavior and prioritizing self over others. It’s like terminating the focus on us where the reflection says our inner truth.

Forming relationships with others has always been a focus while socializing throughout our whole life but we often fail to realize how much it is important to form a soulful relation with ourselves.

Today’s manipulated world shows a different mirror where someone else’s opinion matters more than one’s own. And this is harmful to one’s self-development. For this realization, this article focuses on this topic through the lens of psychology. What psychology is behind this and how can it help to develop among us?

What is self-awareness in Psychology?

According to The American Psychological Association, self-awareness is the consequences of focusing attention on the self. It is often seen that in human beings, children don’t realize their existence until 18 months old. As they grow further, they start behaving more freely and can recognize them in the mirror.

They also can differ in their own touch from others. In the early stages, they are in confusion most of the time, but later on, they start differentiating, identifying, performing and self-consciousness.

Many researches show that there are two types of self-awareness. The first is subjective and the second is objective.

Subjective one is how we perceive the world and our experiences. For example, when one looks in the mirror and doesn’t find anything wrong with their looks or body shape.

And objective one is how we perceive us based on the comparison to others. For example, when one joins a gym or yoga seeing someone else who seems more attractive than oneself.

Social behaviors also have big impacts on this. Sometimes we unknowingly compare to others even when the other person or situation may actually haven’t made an impact. We often seek social standards within us and compare ourselves to those.

There are many factors that shape self-consciousness like, one’s actions and emotions, beliefs and values, attitudes, feelings and conflicts at the moment. But the inability to develop self-love can cause some chaos in oneself and among others and this can happen when one has some neurological defects.

But some self-awareness can raise based on other’s judgment as well.

On the other hand, some people are privately self-conscious and they have a higher level of self-love.

But be aware!

Don’t confuse self-love with self-obsession because when that happens one can become narcissistic and we all know more or less how it can create unnecessary chaos in our life. So, we should watch out what kind of self-love we are practicing.

Why Is Self-Awareness Important?

We often get lost in others and forget our own happiness. To please someone else, we put the other person on a pedestal and that’s when they take advantage of us.

Some people have no problem with being used by others but don’t get the fact that it’s harmful to both of them. It puts in a blindfold on the person who is being taken advantage of and the other person takes everything for granted.

So how is that possible being valued by others?

If we don’t value ourselves, none is going to value you either. So for one’s own dignity and own emotional validation, self-love is important.

According to the Austrian neurologist and founder of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud, stated that “people are unaware of the reasons for their actions and social behavior is driven by unconscious forces, motives, and desires that are hidden from conscious awareness.”

Adding to the discussion, the existentialist philosopher J.P Sartre mentioned two interesting ways. Firstly, he argued that the nature of reality is more than most can take, so they fall into self-deception and act like whatever they do has a meaning. Secondly, people have a moral responsibility to become self-conscious while accepting the real meaning of what and why we do it.

Arguing the fact, in the contrast of both Freud and German philosopher Karl Marx think we are the victims of our self-deception while Sartre argues, we are absolutely in charge of becoming self-aware.

So from the statements mentioned above, we can say that the lack of self-awareness can lead us to self-deception which can be deceptive to others as well. So without any second thought, it is important for us.

There are lots of books related to this but authentic ones will direct us the right way. There are some greatest books like, “Insight: The Power of Self-Awareness in a Self-Deluded Worldby Tasha Eurich and I Like Myself!by Karen Beaumont.

How to Develop Self-awareness?

Self-awareness is a skill that anyone can learn and practice it on their own and the right way of doing it will lead one into a wonderful person who doesn’t only love others but also him or herself. It is the most essential for life but also difficult to achieve but one’s will power will guide you to successfully achieve it.

Here are some ways of how to increase self-importance within you:

  1. Watch out what exactly bothers you about others
  2. Interpose that on your mind
  3. Figure out your emotional weaknesses
  4. Seek quality fictions which can boost your thinking power
  5. Make a timeline of your life
  6. Do some occasional traveling
  7. Increase your learning curiosity
  8. Identify your morals and values
  9. Learn to let go negative and irrational thoughts
  10. Prioritize your morals and values and stick by them

Self-consciousness plays a huge role in our personal and social life and it also develops our mental health and boosts confidence helping us to overcome any kind of hardships in the long run. It also helps to know our inner self and gives us a better perspective which doesn’t change based on other’s views.

And regularly practicing it can make our lives harmonious just like a spring garden which is bloomed by colorful flowers for watering them regularly. And adding some physical exercises in your life can be the cherry on top. Thus we can make our life like the bright rays of sunshine and also like a beautiful rainbow which comes after a dark cloudy storm.

This quote by Lalah Deliah sums up the whole agenda of self-awareness,

“She remembered who she was and the game changed.”

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