World Leaders on Corona Crisis: What We’ve Heard So Far

In early 2020, we all know the world is facing an epidemic Corona crisis. Many of the countries including China, Italy, Spain, Iran, France, and the USA are in really a bad situation. People are dying, the economy is collapsing, and panic is spreading world-wide.

In this hard time, all the nations are taking the necessary steps and seeking help from each other. World leaders are giving their speech and tell people what to do. They are taking steps beyond any political thoughts in their mind and here are some quotes from the World Leaders regarding the Corona crisis we have gathered and written for you below.

Seeing these words from the leaders, you can realize how things have got worse and what situation we are passing really. This piece of blog can be a memorandum of humankind that you can save it to show later to your fellow generation.

1. Donald Trump, President of the United States

President Trump Announced Sunday, 15th March as the National Day of Prayer. After he took a test for COVID-19 coronavirus, he attended a Press Conference that was held on Saturday, March 14, 2020. At that conference, he told that, he was all okay. If it isn’t he wouldn’t be here. He also added he spent time last weekend at his private club and suggested all the people should stay at their home and avoid public gathering.

However, here is the quote from his speech about announcing March 15 a National Prayer Day.

Image 1_Donald J Trump-Corona-Prayer Day-Sun 15 March 2020

2. Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister

Canadian Prime Minister Justine Trudeau announced a useful declaration for the Canadians in this Corona crisis. His declaration has been appreciated worldwide, especially by Canadians. He said, his Government will arrange aid the Canadians with necessary foods, medicines, child care and help financially to the people who stay home.

The thing that was very surprising along with praiseworthy that Trudeau has announced $82-billion aid to help Canadians and the business to survive with global COVID-19 pandemic. The package includes 55-billion Canadians dollars to help businesses and 27-billion Canadians dollars in direct supports to the people of Canada.

Justin Trudeau on Corona Crisis

3. Stefan Löfven, Swedish Prime Minister

In a rare live television show, Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, addressed directly to the people of this country and said they should be prepared for what is coming. Till now Sweden has reported 1,906 confirmed cases and 21 deaths.

To diminish the economic damage, the central bank and government have declared a range of measures – including reduced bank loans, corporate tax delays, financing for lay-offs and airline credit guarantees. This could possibly add up to more than $200 billion.

Stefan said, “I, and the government that I lead, will make any decision that is necessary to protect as many people’s lives, health and jobs as possible, everyone must be mentally prepared for what’s ahead.”

Stefan Lofven on Corona Crisis

4. Narendra Modi, Indian Prime Minister on Corona Crisis

On March 22, 2020 PM Modi calls for “Janata Curfew” to deal with coronavirus and prevent its outbreak in India. He also stated that the pandemic severely affected the Indian economy and we must fight together. He said World Wars 1 and 2 did not get such immersive as this corona crisis had.

He said, “The world is passing through a grave crisis. Natural calamities prior to this have been restricted to a few countries. But this infection has engulfed the whole world,”

However, here is the main quote that he begged to his people:

Modi on Corona Crisis

5. Giuseppe Conte, Italian Prime Minister

In this Corona crisis, we all have seen that Italy is in the worst condition. As per 24th March 2020, about 64 thousand are affected by this virus and more than 6 thousand have been died. Besides, the government bans any movement inside the country and announces a national lockdown till April 3.

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In addition, Italy asked the EU to use its powerful economic rescue fund after the daily death exceeded 700 in Italy! Italy also declared to stop giving medical aids to the elders who have over 80 years old. These situations would be enough to understand the weight of the moment we are having in early 2020.

Itally Prime Minister on Corona Crisis

Finally, at the end of this article on corona crisis, we would like to quote from the Movie World War Z,

“If you can fight, fight. Help each other. Be prepared for anything. Our war has just begun.”

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