How to Fire Up Your Bodybuilding Motivation and Start Working Out

Exercise in the morning every day is hard, right? Your body aches. Moreover, it is time-consuming. You can give hundreds of reasons for not going to the gym.

But if you have enough bodybuilding motivation within yourself; you will definitely find some ways to reach there. Working out makes you happy and confident.

If you are not the one who was not frequent in the gym, remember it’s never too late to start. You can start hitting the gym at any point in your life. Age doesn’t matter in case of being healthy. But at first, you need to know why you should necessarily workout for living well.

Why Should You Start Working Out?

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Apart from being healthy, you will be able to reduce your life-threatening diseases.

One of the best things from working out regularly is, leading a disciplined life. It helps you to figure out a definite structure of your daily life and develops a sense of purpose.

You get a chance to meet new people in the gym. Most of the big names that we follow keep time to workout. You never know when you come to meet one of them in your gym someday & get a chance to arrange meetings with them. Therefore, new opportunities may come even in your professional life.

It is proven that working out regularly helps you to be relieved from stress. It provides so much energy within yourself that you feel alive and less stressed. You can literarily observe the change in you. You are going to be confident in every sector. You will be high in self-esteem.

Working out in a consistent way helps you to be confident both physically and mentally. You will never have to be worried about your appearance unless you are dressed horribly. Along with dressing well, you need to improve your body language to look good and smart. You will always have an advantage in appearance than others. If you are a guy, you will be confident and comfortable with girls as they really value six-packs and strong biceps.

Most importantly, it makes you both physically and mentally strong so that will have the self-assurance to do anything that comes in your mind. So why are you still sitting on your bed? Go and join the gym today!

If you are confused about how you will start, here are a few tips for you below.

Bodybuilding Motivation: How to Start Bodybuilding or Workout?

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1. Set up a goal

First of all, you need a definite goal. We all do.

Take some time to think about how you want yourself to look after 3 to 5 years?

You can be a heavyweight, fat, unattractive person looking like an aged uncle by continuing your present lifestyle or, a smart, attractive and healthy one by hitting the gym regularly.

Now, the choice is yours and makes a goal accordingly. Be focused on your goal always.

Changes have both physique and performance dimensions. It’s good to have goals in both aspects.

Gaining weights, losing weights or looking good in front of the mirror are examples of the first one.

On the other hand, running 5 km a day, lifting 10 more pounds on your shoulder are for the second one. Having both types of goals will keep you motivated.

2. Check up

If you can’t remember when was the last time you had visited a doctor to check your full physique condition, it’s high time to do that.

Everyone’s body needs different types of nurture.

Your doctor may have a special diet and exercise plans for you. That is very important to know because you will know exactly what you need to do.

You should take care of your blood pressure, sugar level, cholesterol, bone density especially for aged ones. Because fitness is more than about looking good, it’s about living healthy.

3. Throw away the trash

If you want to put your past behind you, clear out everything those are holding you from getting success.

Start with your cupboards. If it is filled with cookies, candies and other junks clear them out. Say goodbye to ice creams though it’s really hard to do. Also, Oreos and Twinkies. These types of food will insist you make poor food decisions.

There’s no need to target for a huge accomplishment like fat loss or muscle gain. Rather start with simple things.

Every victory is a victory no matter how little it may be. Be focused on your bodybuilding motivation. This will encourage you to go for the next big move.

4. Buy the essentials

Believe me, buying the essential things for going to the gym will keep you on track. Seeing these you will automatically feel like to go to the gym. Few essentials are like

  • Fitting running shoes
  • Comfortable workout wear
  • Water bottle
  • Towel
  • Resistance band
  • Jumping rope
  • Mp3 player

These are the most essential things that all need. If you want, you can have a heart rate monitor or dumbbells or hand gloves. Take time and buy these things from a good store to enter into a whole new lifestyle.

5. Choose a partner

When it comes to hitting the gym, two is definitely better than one. But make sure that your partner is as same motivated as you are. Otherwise, things will get worse.

Going to the gym with a partner will help you to stay focused. If you have a bad day and not willing to go to the gym, your partner can motivate you to go there.

Apart from the motivation that you get from your partner, there will be a secret competition between you two. Both of you are going to step forward from another. Thus, both will be beneficiaries.

It’s also fun to go to the gym together, run together. So, what are you waiting for? Find a buddy and start chasing your fitness goals together!

Ways to Fire up Your Workout Motivation

Now I guess, you have started hitting the gym. Congratulations!

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You’ve overcome the toughest job here. Do you know what is sad? People very often get discouraged after starting work out. There may be a drastic change in the daily routine that has to be compromised and many find it hard to do so.

Here are some tips for you that will help you to fire up your workout motivation.

1. Change your routine at first

As you didn’t have to wake up early in the morning before now or go to the gym after office work, you can’t afford to keep the routine as same as it has always been.

Say, you want to hit the gym for 4 days a week. Find the exact time when you are comfortable with on any of the days.

One day you may go in the morning and another day after the office may be.

Fix those times and be stick to your routine. Stay free from other jobs at those times. This is an effective bodybuilding motivation that really works.

If you are doing with a partner, give him a shake-up and go out for the gym.

After continuing this for a few weeks, you will find that it’s getting easy to find out time for working out.

However, it’s completely up to you when you are exercising but it’s always recommended that you do it early in the morning. If you get up and knock out your workout first, you gain the benefits all day long of the energy boost.

Moreover, if you plan for going to the gym after lunch hour, it is evitable to get busy at that time any day.

2. Enjoy a natural, healthy high

I’m not talking about mental satisfaction- I’m telling you about the physical high that you feel after working out. In fact, a study shows that intense exercise releases brain-altering elements which is a possible implication for depression. (Source:

So, lifting weight is a healthy, natural way to just feel damn good every day of your life.  When you lose motivation to go for the gym next time, just think about how good you feel after.

3. Take control over your mind

Have you stopped taking junk foods because there’s a voice that comes up in your head telling you not to? Or, giving extra one rep, running the extra mile because you thought you could do it?

Gentleman, I’m talking about mental toughness which refers that you have full control over your mind.

If only one trait that differs extraordinary people from the ordinary, it will be mental toughness.

And the willingness not to give up, the discipline not to fall into temptations, the ability to make sacrifices, the capability to maintain high performance when things are quite out of hand all these are because of mental toughness. And this mental toughness is mandatory to have better bodybuilding motivation.

In a sentence, the more mentally tough you are the better life you will lead.

You can’t develop true commitment toward anything if you have a weak will. You can use your workout to build up your will and ability to take control of your mind.

4. Intensify your self-confidence

As said at first, lifting weight doesn’t only build muscles, your self-confidence as well.

Seeing your body change will definitely help you to change your attitude towards yourself and your life.

When you see you can accomplish the goals for your physique, you will be motivated to do the same in other works. Don’t be surprised if lifting weight regularly helps you to push in other areas of your life and strive for more.

Have you ever met someone who said that he had lost his weight, lost all his body fat, had more energy and felt miserable? Of course not; because reaching these goals makes you feel that you can go for anything. So, exercise harder, feel greater.

5. Get a bit sexier!

Now that’s the reason why most of us have started hitting the gym just to look better to girls or guys.

There’s no harm in this.

If you are a teenager, this thing will first come into your mind that how to look sexier to opposite genders. You won’t probably think of getting rid of diseases. That’s the lighter part for you.

Well, this thought is over for me now. But that’s a strong bodybuilding motivation for me in the beginning. Even the humblest of guys who only smile when beautiful girls want to feel their arms.

Who doesn’t want to feel proud of her counterpart who has 18 inches biceps? 😉

When you are training correctly, diet properly there will be minor improvements and over time turns you the sexier version of yourself.

Next time when you will be in trouble in the gym, remember that these little more pushups and squats will make you attractive to others. That means a lot!

6. Do it because they say you can’t do it

Let me start with my story at first.

I was a very weak person as a kid and got bullied by a group of boys on a regular basis. I would get pushed around the hallway and I was not able to stand for myself. I had no choice except tolerating the abuse day after day. 

Sometimes, they made fun of me in front of other school mates. I was not only embarrassed but also got recognition as a ‘loser’. 

So, after high school days, I didn’t want to get the same treatment in my college. Then, I started to go to the gym and was motivated enough to make my critics silent. Though these days I’m not bothered about them; but in those early days, it gave me huge inspiration to build some muscles.

Like me, we all have known some people who constantly criticize and doubt us whenever we take any positive initiative. You already know those people who would laugh at first and question you the reason and lastly say that you can’t do it.

Well, you can use them as bodybuilding motivation. Do one thing. Make a list of these types of people whoever they may be. Then, next time when you think of skipping a day, look back over the list for a super motivation.

Last words…

Being healthy is not a goal; it’s a way of life. You need to take care of your body for being healthy as that’s the only place you have to live in.

If you have started working out already, a big hand of applause for you.

But maintaining the attitude of self-love, getting time out to exercise is sometimes hard. You can use the above-mentioned tips as your bodybuilding motivation that will help you to be on track.

Now get ready for tomorrow morning to start your steps into a healthy life.

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